Linear Work Stations/Cubicles

Linear Work Stations/Cubicles
Linear workstations make optimum use of available space. While designing the floor plan of the office, management does look for saving the available space so that it can be used to meet objectives in coming times. Linear workstations do not only save space but even make the employees feel comfortable at the same time. It becomes easier for employees to execute work in teams when they sit in a linear style. They can share the space as per the requirement and even communicate without any distractions. Further, linear workstations do not require much investment on the part of management. They can even be installed easily without consuming much time.

Linear workstation improves the flow of traffic in the offices. They facilitate the working and even sharing ideas and stationery, when possible. Many offices install partitions between employees in a linear style workout. This offers employees required amount of privacy too. While there can be a single desk that is long enough to occupy the employees, management can even go for single desks and arrange it in a linear fashion. It is easy to expand the seating arrangement with linear workstations and even reduce it when the employees in the office are limited.
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